Dream Spouse

Again, the Neothink Clubhouses are the place for you if you have not found your eternal soul mate! Aside from the many other Life Advantages, the Neothink Clubhouses are ideal meeting places for Neothink women and men to find the lover and friend of their dreams.

I will start off with a thought for women of all ages: here is a golden opportunity for you to meet a man who has higher odds of becoming the successful man.

Let me make a point: Once a man becomes quite successful, women seek him out. But, by then, most are married with children. In short, once he becomes successful, he is no longer available. The old cliché, “All the good men are taken,” for the most part is true.

The odds are so against any one man rising into the top 1% or better. Imagine, however, if you had the advantage of knowing those few available men who would rise to the top? You could then secure one of them for yourself.

A man who is attracted to the Neothink Code of Living has discovered his essence, which is value creation.

The man who adopts the Neothink Code of Living, whether he is 25 or 55 years old, develops focus and drive. Focus and drive, in turn, direct man to success.

That is why this meeting place is a golden opportunity for women to meet qualified men. And here the old cliché that “the good ones are always taken” no longer applies. For, the single man who has adopted the Neothink Code of Living is destined to become the successful man. Here are the good ones! So, ladies, make contact!

Now, if you are a man, you can get a feel for the Neothink Code of Living from what you have read in the Neothink Manuscripts. The ladies you meet at the Neothink Clubhouses will know what the Neothink man is all about: he is all about creating values. And the ladies you meet here will have a sense of their dual essences (Vision Seven), which makes for a more loving and lasting romance. So, if you adhere to the Neothink Code of Living, let the ladies know. You could find the love of your life in the Neothink Clubhouse as others have.